La Bergerie Céramiques

Austruy (Jean)

 1910 - 2012

Catawiki : "Jean Austruy, 24 November 1910 - November 2012, was born in Castres in southern France.   
He graduated from the School of Decorative Arts Paris in Sculpture and taught drawing and modelling from 1936 onwards, in Grenoble and in Saint Marcellin. He continued his studio work with his wife (also an artist) and his son Yves. His work covered decorative, utilitarian sculpture. He retired in 1990 and continued his passion for sculpture producing a range of bronze animal items, including birds, bears and panthers, which were distributed by a company named Le Dauphin.  He had a retrospective exhibition in Saint Marcellin, Isere (near Grenoble) in 2009. "

Austruy avait apparemment un atelier à Vallauris. (?)